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Image Slideshow
Have you ever wanted to know how Myspace users create those image slideshows? Use our handy tool to create your own image slide show now, it's pretty easy, just insert number of image, and upload and you're done!

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Comment Box In A Bulletin
When posting your bulletin, this will allow you to have a comments box within the bulletin, a sure fire way to get many new comments on your profile!

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Doll Generator
The hugely popular doll feature, you can create your own dolls, it's easy, you can choose what she wears, her ethnicity, her face, and awhole lot more. It's a really cool tool for all the girls, well and guys too if they are interested :)

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Smiley Generator
This tool allows you to customize smileys, you can create happy smileys, mean smileys, etc, try it and see for yourself

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Profile Editor
This tool allows you to edit your Myspace profile easily, simple to use, and produces fantastic results.

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Whore me Generator
If you ever wanted where people get those cool "Whore Me" buttons, then you can create your own using this tool. It will allow you to create an an "Add Me" button with your friends id, so they can add you to their friends list.

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Whore Train Generator
It's chooo-chooo time, all about the whore train. This tool will allow you to create what is called a Whore Train, which is really a list of friends with add me links, allowing you to get friends quickly and easily. Start your own whore train below!

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Glitter Word Generator
It's almost impossible to be a Myspace user without see "Glitter Words", well if you've ever wanted to create your own glitter text, then you've found the perfect tool. You'll be able to create glitter words for any word of your choosing!

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Contact Box Generator
This tool will allow you to generate a contact box based on an image, you'll need the url of the contact box of the image, since we will not be hosting the image, but it does generate the necessary coding needed to get the contact box working on your profile.

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Comment Box Generator
Allows you to create a comment box with your friends ID to gain new friends.

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Overlapping Text Generator
You've probably see people with the text overlapping and probably said "whoa, that's cool" well you can create your own overlapping text using this handy tool.

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Online Now Icons
Spice up your profile by using any of these custom "online now" icons, it'll set you apart!

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Falling Symbols Generator
Have falling text, symbols falling from your profile, it's kinda cool, and it's easy to use!

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Navigation Bar Generator
Create/edit the myspace navigation bar, add links to other sites or other pages that interest you, pretty cool

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Text Editor
Your very own html/text editor program. If you're not familiar with html, then this is the perfect tool for you.

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Auto-Bulletin Repost Button
If you want to have an auto-repost button in your bulletins, then this is the tool for you, it allows you to have that auto-repost button, that will allow others to simply click to re-post your bulletin! Very sweet tool.

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Scrollbox Generator
Generate your own scroll box that has text within it, pretty cool, easy to use.

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Bulletin Picture Comment
This handy tool will allow you to have your picture within your bulletin and get immediate comments on your picture. One of the fastest way to get picture comments.

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Extended Network Generator
Every wanted to replace that Extended Network message at the top of your page? Well you now can using this generator, replace it with whatever you want using this tool. Super sweet!

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Video Code Generator
If you already have the url of the video you want displayed in your profile, then use this generator to create the coding to display on your page!

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Audio Code Generator
If you already have the url of the mp3 or song file you want displayed in your profile, then use this generator to create the coding to have the song play in your profile

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Friend Space Generator
This generator will allow you to create a customized friend space for your Myspace profile

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